Jacques Gauthier…

By R.J. Frost
The Sault Star, Sault-Ste-Marie, Friday, September 3, 1999.

Jacques Gauthier does stretching exercises in front of his motor home near the Sault Canal Thursday during a stop over in Sault-Ste-Marie. The 60-year-old has been walking across Canada since late March, beginning in Vancouver. He hopes to be in Halifax eight months later starting out in British Columbia. The reason for his 6500 kilometre trek is to share the freedom of health with Canadians. A quadriplegic, Gauthier says his walk across the country is a message of hope to all people that are desperate due to their physical condition. At age 41, Gauthier suffered a serious neurological disorder that led him to loose the use of his left hand. Taking cortisone treatments to prevent his condition from worsening, Gauthier learned at age 50 that one of the side effects of cortisone was osteoporosis. Instead, he switched to self-healing and found it through stretching daily. He does so up to minutes each day.