He walks to tell others Stretching saved his life

The Similkameen News Leader, Princeton, April 13, 1999.

Jacques Gauthier, now age 60, faced worse than death – long years as an invalid in pain.

He owned a heavy equipment parts business near Montreal when he became ill in 1981. He kept working for nine years as his disease, vasculitis, slowly disabled him. He was on medication, steroids, cortisone and prednisone.

His disease caused the small arteries to shrink. No nourishment reached his muscles and nerves. His left arm was totally useless and numbness was creeping his feet and his right hand. There was no cure. Gauthier sold his business. Then his doctor told him the steroids had caused a 20 per cent bone loss, and in years to come, there would be more bone loss and Gauthier would not be able to walk. Jacques Gauthier had plenty of time to lie in bed and think. He decided to go off the steroids. As a result of quitting suddenly, he was afflicted with arthritis in every joint in his body.

He was in agony. He prayed and meditated. He promised God that if anyway could be found to lead a normal life again, he would share it with others.

Gauthier heard of a man who taught arthritic to reduce pain by stretching exercises. For three weeks, he worked with the man, then went home to do it himself. When he went home, about 50 per cent of the pain was gone. Six months later, Gauthier was free of pain!

They sold their home and bought a motor home. Gauthier is walking across Canada to tell people how to heal themselves achieve better health. He gave the News Leader his video, called Stretching, available from Videomatic in Vancouver 1-800-665-1469.

The stretching is great. Nobody has to stretch until it hurts. The stretching will exercise 95 per cent of the muscles in the body. The best part is this: the next day, a couple of us old fogies who did it were not stiff and sore.

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Jacques Gauthier (right) would probably have been dead by now if he had not learned how to heal himself. Now, he and his wife, Dorothy, are spreading the word as Jacques walks across Canada, hoping to help others help themselves.